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Formula 1 Crypto Push

Formula 1

Formula 1, the world’s most famous motor racing series, has increased its cryptocurrency partnerships in recent years. The latest example of this trend is the Sauber team.

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Sauber, a Swiss team founded in 1970 and competing in Formula 1 since 1993, has signed a two-year partnership with Stake, a London-based cryptocurrency trading platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Sauber’s team name will be “Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber” for the next two years.

Previously, cryptocurrency companies such as Tezos, OKX, Binance, and ByBit had signed sponsorship deals with Formula 1. The Sauber deal, in addition to these, is accelerating the process of cryptocurrency adoption into everyday life.

Formula 1 Stake

Sauber will also become an Audi factory team in 2026, which will further enhance the relationship between Formula 1 teams and cryptocurrency firms. This will make teams more open to sponsorship deals. As these two increasingly growing industries support each other, cryptocurrency companies will become more visible around the world. The cryptocurrency industry will become more known around the world. Additionally, Formula 1 will have new sources of revenue.

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