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LayerZero Employees Banned from Airdrop

Layerzero Labs

Late yesterday night, co-founder of LayerZero Bryan Pellegrino made it clear that workers at LayerZero Labs will not be eligible for the project’s impending airdrop and will not be allowed to collect its tokens.

The CEO of LayerZero Labs, Pellegrino, commented on X that the company “will announce something publicly about this; every LayerZero Labs employee is 100% restricted from claiming and has no eligibility.”

“It will be a fireable offense and has been announced internally for some time and has always been the case,” he added.

The goal of the interoperability protocol LayerZero is to enable developers to create cross-chain apps with modular security parameters. The protocol’s primary contributor is LayerZero Labs.

Pellegrino stated unequivocally that “they cannot claim them” in answer to more inquiries questioning the prospect that employees would be eligible to obtain LayerZero tokens for the possession of non-fungible tokens from particular NFT collections, such as Pudgy Penguins.

In an effort to make it easier to conduct a larger airdrop, the project offered users who were Sybil farming the protocol earlier this month the option to self-report in exchange for “15% of their intended allocation” or risk having their risk completely erased.

On May 1, Labs finished the first snapshot for the possible airdrop.

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