% 2.15
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.53 T
% 1.90
Fear & Greed:
76 / 100
$ 67.830
BTC Dominance:
% 52.9
Market Cap:
$2.53 T

How to Participate in Jupiter (JUP) Airdrop?

what is jupiter

In the world of crypto, there is excitement over a big airdrop organized by the Jupiter project. Jupiter stands out as a significant player in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector and is preparing to share its $10 billion $JUP tokens with the community.

Details About the Jupiter Project

  • Project Name: Jupiter
  • Token Ticker: $JUP
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Sector: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Business Model: Liquidity gatherer for token swapping, continuous futures trading, and builder of decentralized stable cryptocurrencies.

Functions of Jupiter

It is one of the largest DeFi protocols on Solana and draws attention with the transaction volume it achieved in November 2023. Initially, Jupiter emerged as a liquidity gatherer for token swaps, but it later added GMX-style continuous futures contracts. In the future, Jupiter plans to launch decentralized stable cryptocurrencies.

What is the JUP Token?

JUP is a governance token that gives the opportunity to approve and vote on all aspects of the Jupiter platform. This includes approving liquidity and distribution plans, approving token creations, and voting for ecosystem initiatives.

How Can You Join the JUP Airdrop?

955,000 wallets that interacted with Jupiter before 2 November 2023 could be part of the largest JUP airdrop to date. The dates for the airdrop haven’t been clarified yet, but it’s important to note that future airdrops will be based on activity, and trading on Jupiter might impact the amount you receive in future airdrops.

How to Trade JUP?

You need to have SOL in your Phantom wallet to trade with JUP tokens. Log into your Phantom wallet, select the wallet with the tokens you want, click on the swap (arrow) icon, and complete the transaction by selecting the token pair you want to trade.

How to Transfer Tokens on Solana with Phantom?

If you are using Solana for the first time and keep your assets on other blockchains like Ethereum, you can transfer tokens between Solana, Ethereum and Polygon through your Phantom wallet.

How to Install Phantom Wallet?

Phantom offers a multi-chain wallet with browser extensions and mobile apps. Download Phantom from the related store, install it, and use the “Buy” button to add funds to your wallet using various options such as MoonPay, PayPal, and Robinhood.

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