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SBF! Judge denies request by SBF ‘s lawyers!


U.S. federal judge Lewis Kaplan denied the request to delay the sentencing of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s former CEO SBF after his lawyers asked for a postponement from March 28 to early-middle May.

It is expected that on Thursday, SBF will conduct a pre-sentencing interview with the U.S. Supervised Probation and Pre-Trial Services System that will propose a sentence. His lawyers argued that the defense needed more time to prepare for the sentencing process.

The lawyers claimed that the government’s necessary statements for the sentencing would not be made until 2nd February, saying that the defense needed to “gather and prepare the materials needed for sentencing.”

SBF, however, is also faced with a second hearing starting on March 11th due to charges related to allegations of bank fraud and bribery of Chinese government officials. SBF’s lawyers claimed that the government has not yet decided whether to proceed.

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No Objections (SBF)

Judge Kaplan, stating that there were no objections in the defense to the previous sentencing date, said there was sufficient time.

Additionally, Kaplan wrote in his order “An additional time has been granted for the defendant to make his sentencing statements” and added that Bankman-Fried had six months to prepare for the pre-sentencing meeting.

On November 2nd Bankman-Fried was found guilty by jury of defrauding FTX customers and investors and the trial revealed a large-scale misuse of client funds. FTX had filed for bankruptcy last November.

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