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Metamask Wallet Removed from App Store and Re-Added!

Metamask Wallet

Metamask Wallet was re-added after being removed from the Apple App Store on October 14, 2023. This situation stirred up a wide response with the quiet removal of a popular crypto wallet with approximately 30 million users from the App Store.

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Metamask Wallet had recently introduced the feature of converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, offering its users a seamless money transfer opportunity. However, its unexpected removal from the App Store caused concern in the crypto community.

Metamask Wallet disabled the links on its website during the period when it is not in the App Store. Users couldn’t find the app when they wanted to update or download their wallets. However, the Metamask team announced the situation on Twitter, saying, “As promised, we returned to the Apple App Store. We apologize for the inconvenience!”

The Metamask team also stated, “We are aware that the users cannot download MetaMask from the App Store. This is not related to any malicious intent. Also, our team is working hard to resolve this as soon as possible.”

This incident, in addition to causing concern in the crypto community, shows how fragile user’s security and app downloading processes are.

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