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Mittaria: Way To Gods – The Divine Dimension


Mittaria is a blockchain-based entertainment hub where creative talents can collaborate and share their creativity with the world. Also, the platform serves as a Web3 SocialFi metaverse for all animation enthusiasts around the world.

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The Mittaria project is back in the spotlight with an exciting new NFT collection. Thus, this new collection, called “Way To Gods,” aims to push the boundaries of art. The project, which plans to offer users the opportunity to take their creativity to a divine level, has become even more ambitious with its new NFT series.

What is Mittaria?

The project adopts a metaverse story to offer opportunities to animators in the virtual world.

Mitria is a being that was born at the moment the cosmos was formed. He controls the happiness of all beings in the universe. The smile, hug, and laughter of every living being is the proof of his physical, tangible existence.

However, Mitria understands that his power would be meaningless if no one was alive to benefit from it. So he created Mittaria, the planet of endless happiness where everyone can enjoy life and benefit from his gift.

Mittaria Chapters

Mittaria has four continents connected to each other, and each continent is home to creatures with higher concentrations of a certain happiness hormone.

  • Dova: The land of dopamine and home to creatures that love challenging tasks.
  • Oriel: The land of oxytocin and home to creatures that love friendship and companionship.
  • Sirona: The land of serotonin and home to creatures that love creativity and magic.
  • Emin: The land of endorphins, home to creatures that love folklore and adventure.

Although the creatures in each continent have a higher concentration of a certain hormone, they still have all four hormones. However, for a fulfilling life, the hormones must be in balance in every living being. Any imbalance in hormones can turn creatures into monsters, and when this happens, the continents must work together to fight the monsters. But the fight is not to destroy the monsters but to save them by restoring balance.

NFT Collections

Genesis NFT Series

Mittaria has a non-fungible token (NFT) collection called “Genesis.” The collection consists of 2,222 pieces of hand-drawn prolific art, which will be shared among the citizens of Mitria. The citizens of Mitria will be able to use these pieces of art to create their own avatars, worlds, and stories.

The designs were created by leading Thai animators and artists, and the NFT collection was built on the Ethereum blockchain. Genesis NFT will have various exclusive content for its owners.

Exclusive Mittaria NFT airdrop

  • Exclusive rewards
  • Exclusive product airdrops
  • Early access to the Mittaria metaverse and events
  • Access to VIP Discord channels for early registration information
  • Access to real-world exclusive events and more**

It is very important to have this NFT. It could be the most important item of the various rewards that will be given.

Looking for Gods

The collection consists of 9,999 hand-drawn Chinese-style watercolor art representing a community of talented people. This NFT series also provides various opportunities for users.

Access to community events to level up

  • Conversion of NFTs
  • Access to a private Discord channel
  • Intellectual Property (IP) under terms and conditions and more

Way To Gods Collection

This collection will be released as Mittaria’s 3rd collection. They plan to launch the collection by calling it “Opening the divine path of creativity.”

Mittaria’s Way To Gods Collection is filled with unique digital art pieces inspired by the worlds of animation, film, music, fashion, and gaming. The collection allows artists and creative talents to express themselves through divine beings, mythological scenes, and epic narratives.

You can access the latest information through the project’s official website and social media accounts. The doors of Mittaria are wide open for those who want to embark on a divine journey and reach the pinnacle of the digital art world.

To access the Mittaria website, click here.

A notable point about the Way To Gods collection is that, according to our estimates, the Way To Gods Collection may airdrop to the owners of the Genesis NFT Series. Genesis currently has a 1 ETH floor price.

To reach the Genesis NFT series, click here.

Mittaria Founders

Mittaria was founded by Bhak Tantananta and currently has two major collections. Furthermore, the company currently employs over 60 people.


In a statement about the Way To Gods Collection, Mittaria founder Bhak Tantananta said:

This collection aims to push the boundaries of creativity and offer art lovers a unique, divine experience. Each piece is inspired by different cultures and art disciplines, creating a bridge that brings together the Mittaria community.

Mittaria Investors

Mittaria is the first Web3-powered project in T&B Media Global’s portfolio of over 5,000 intellectual property assets. Additionally, T&B Media Global is a world-renowned entertainment company aligned with the wider MQDC and C.P. group ecosystems. Besides, Giants such as Netflix and Sony are among the names that make up the group ecosystems that have made Mittaria part of one of the world’s largest multinational corporate alliances.

Mittaria Investors

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