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UK Finance Minister to Investigate Crypto Exchanges!

UK Finance Minister, stated that he will investigate the allegations that licensed crypto companies in the country struggle to open commercial accounts.

On Tuesday, UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt agreed to discuss the issue with the country’s Treasury Economic Secretary Bim Afolami. Hunt answered the question asked by Lisa Cameron, Chairman of the Crypto and Digital Assets All Parties Parliamentary Group, about the challenges faced by licensed crypto firms in the UK.

Hunt stated that he would consult with the UK Treasury for the investigation. He also did not miss the opportunity to say that “the UK and especially London has become a global crypto center.”

The Finance Minister added, “We need to regulate it to ensure that the crypto market can really proceed responsibly as intended, so we have introduced legislation to promote stablecoins and crypto services.”

In April 2022, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, while serving as the country’s finance minister, announced plans to transform the country into a “global crypto center”. Since then, the United Kingdom has introduced laws such as new regulations aimed at overseeing the country’s Digital Securities Protected Area initiative to push this goal.

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Regulations in the United Kingdom

According to an official press release, the new regulations will give the country’s financial monitors rules on overseeing a virtual space for tokenized securities.

The regulations will apply to the UK’s Digital Securities Protection Area (DSS) and will come into effect on January 8, 2024. These are part of the UK government’s 2023 Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA).

The new rules will set general limits on what can be done in the virtual space and which participants are eligible to participate. The protected area will allow regulators and companies to test solutions, including distributed ledger technology and tokenization of securities.

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