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UXLink: User-Centered Web3 Social Platform


UXLink aims to be a social DEX and infrastructure, a user-centered Web3 social platform targeting mass adoption. Unlike other one-way, follow-only relationships, it forms two-way, friend-type social relationships.

UXLink offers a range of dApps integrated into Telegram. These apps cover hiring, chart creation, group tools, and socialized Web3 interactions.

It adopts a dual-token economy model to provide simplicity, balance, and efficiency. This strategic balance aims to enhance the user experience and strengthen the platform.

Mission and Principles

  • Social Hub: Aims to become the leading social platform that focuses on two-way connections, as in the real world.
  • Bridge for All: Aims to bring together 100 million users by bridging Web2 and Web3.
  • Social Welfare: Aims to develop an inclusive and rewarding socio-economic community.
  • User Sovereignty: Aims to enable users to have control over online identities, social connections, and social data, and to protect data privacy.
  • Real World Connections: Recognizes the real world connections that they perceive as a significant gap missing on the blockchain.


Mission And Principles

What Does it Aim to Solve?

  • Uncertainty in social data ownership
  • Trust
  • Financial inequality

To overcome these problems, it aims to ensure trust and improvement for everyone by integrating social interactions and discussions into a socialized experience.

Services Provided to Users

  • UX Invite: Allows users to create on-chain social graphs.
  • UX Wallet: A wallet that offers users advantages such as social recovery with private key, simple storage, and security.
  • UX DID/Profile (SBT): Allows users to create Web3 accounts with apps such as Telegram or WhatsApp.
  • UX-Trade: Enables users to trade cryptocurrency.
  • UXLink Protocol: UXLink Protocol, located on the Arbitrum network, is a protocol that provides secure and cost-effective services for UXLink for developers.
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Services in Development

  • AI GroupKit Bot: A decentralized AI dApp that allows individuals and projects to build and manage their communities, suitable for Telegram system.
  • AI Assistant: Enables online and quick finding of crypto-related information with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • UX Interact: Allows users to conduct Web3 interactions such as financial subjects, individual and group interactions.

How Does it Work?

The owners of the networks and data are not UXLink, but the users.

  • Gas Fee: UXLink takes a certain percentage of fees, known as “gas fee”, for data movement.
  • Service Fee: Service fee can be obtained when dApp developers need help from the community to attract new audiences.
  • Product Sales: The community or project can develop products such as tools or NFTs.

The received tokens include the local cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, $UXLINK, and other cryptocurrencies. The generated fees are transferred to community development and token management.


The UXLink community has developed a 4-year roadmap with the aim of becoming one of the world’s largest Web3 social dApps.

In 2023;

  • UX Invite, UX Wallet, UX SBT/Profile, UX Tasks and AI GroupKits were introduced.
  • Litepaper and the roadmap were shared.
  • It reached 1 million users.
  • The number of community members reached 100,000.
  • $UXLINK airdrop took place.

Details related to the future planned roadmap are available in the image below:


Uxlink Roadmap

Partners and Supporters

Partners And Supporters


How to Use UXLink?

UXLink, which does not require any financial need or blockchain wallet, can be used with just a Telegram account and an invitation from an acquaintance. Users can become members of UXLink by accessing the interface within Telegram through the official UXLink Telegram bot or an invitation connection from another user.

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What is UXUY?

UXUY is UXLink’s reward system for community and ecosystem development. Users can earn UXUY by inviting others or contributing to the ecosystem.

Ecosystem’s Local Token: $UXLINK

The upcoming governance token of the project, $UXLINK, is the local cryptocurrency of the ecosystem necessary for governance and to benefit from the UXLink project and products.

Token Supply

The supply of the token is limited so that it cannot exceed 1 billion.

It is planned to be distributed with 65% of the supply for the community, 21.25% for the partners, 8.75% for the team, and 5% for the treasury.

If there is a change in the distribution structure, the team will publish it transparently.

Token Distribution

  • Community: $UXLINK will be distributed to active users as an airdrop. There is no lock-up period, and it can be accessed instantly.
  • Partners: They have an initial lock-up period of 3 months. After that, it will be distributed once every 3 months over a 2-year period.
  • Team: They have an initial lock-up period of 6 months. After that, it will be distributed once every 3 months over a 2-year period.
  • Treasury: It has a flexible distribution model.

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