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Celebrities’ Social Media Accounts Hacked to Promote Tokens

Playdapp Hack

A wave of hacks over the weekend saw numerous social media accounts of industry influencers and celebrities being compromised, with hackers promoting various tokens such as Luna2, ORDI, and celebrity-inspired memecoins. Among the latest victims is the well-known pseudonymous cryptocurrency investor Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth (GCR), who confirmed their X account had been hacked.

On May 26, GCR’s X account posted about ORDI and Luna2.0, causing both tokens to temporarily surge by 6% and 274%, respectively. However, many noted that the hacker missed an opportunity by choosing to promote these tokens instead of a more lucrative microcap coin. Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher commented, “GCR hacker fumbled the bag hard. Bro could’ve picked ANY believable micro cap to pump 10-20x, yet chose to shill ORDI and LUNA2 for a measly 10% wick.”

Warnings of a Wider Attack

The hack of GCR’s account appears to be part of a broader campaign targeting celebrity X accounts. Bitcoin developer and Ordinals commentator Udi Wertheimer warned, “GCR already told us today that there’s an operation going on hacking big twitter accounts. As more niche celebs are popping up by the minute launching meme coins — on a long weekend when platform engineers are away — I recommend that you guys be very careful.”

American rapper Rich The Kid, known offstage as Dimitri Leslie Roger, also had his X account compromised. His account, boasting 2.3 million followers, posted a link to buy the new token “RICH” launched on Solana memecoin creator tool The token reached a $90,000 market cap within two hours of launch, according to DEX Screener data. No official statement has confirmed whether Rich The Kid’s account was hacked, but the promotional post has since been deleted.

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Caitlyn Jenner Promotes Memecoin Amidst Speculation

Caitlyn Jenner’s X account also promoted a new memecoin named “JENNER” which amassed a $27.1 million market cap within eight hours of launch. Industry pundits speculated whether the promotion was a deepfake, but videos featuring Jenner and her manager, Sophia Hutchins, confirmed the legitimacy of the posts. Jenner’s video urged her 3.3 million X followers to invest quickly, stating, “If you wanna get in on this, get in in a hurry, OK, get in right now.”

The JENNER token, also launched on, had its crypto wallet address matched to one posted by adult content creator Kazumi, who promoted the coin “ZUMI” on May 20. This has led to further suspicions about the orchestrated nature of these hacks. Despite these concerns, Hutchins claimed Jenner’s team was unaware of any connections to other tokens like RICH, DOLL, and SOULJA, as alleged by some industry insiders.

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